Purlyf - D8 - Gummy - Blueberry - 10ct-70mg

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Lab Report Blueberry 70mg


Are you a fan of juicy berries? PURLYF Blueberry Rings offer a mouthwatering blueberry sensation that comes from naturally-derived ingredients. These ultra-clean gummies are a great addition to your daily routine, with each piece containing a perfect daily dose of pure, lab-tested delta 8 THC distillate for hours of enjoyable effects felt in both the mind and body.

While savoring that mouthwatering blueberry flavor, the delta 8 will be hard at work promoting feelings of inner bliss.

Blueberry Gummies Features:

Blueberry flavored Delta 8 Gummies.
Every bag contains 700MG of Delta 8 Gummies.
Each gummy is 70mg.
Delta 8 is federally legal, but it's recommended to verify whether or not your state is restricted.